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How long will LED lights last?

LED Lights are typically rated from 30,000 - 100,000 lamp life but this 'rating' doesn't always note the fact that light output may only be 60 - 70% of a new light or if they will still be working.

Once again choosing a quality light will help ensure the LED light continues to produce the required light level for 10+ years.

The lifetime ratings are 'estimated' or 'projected' based on shorter term testing as most newer LED lights haven't been available for the 5+ years needed to fully test them as 50,000 hours equates to 5.7 years running continuously 24 hours a day. Most are rated using either accelerated testing conditions or projections based on Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) LM-80, LM-79 and TM-21 test procedures.

Added to this fact is that the actual LED chips and electronics (drivers) making up the LED light are undergoing extremely fast and continuous development to increase their light output with the same input energy (Lumens per Watt) which makes actual time usage testing difficult.

2. Warranty

LED Lamp Life is important but so is the manufacturers/distributors warranty which vary greatly from 12 months to 7 years. The longer the warranty the better BUT ONLY if you believe the company offering the warranty will actually be in business for the length of the warranty.

Extended warranties are sometimes available at extra cost.

N.B. The manufacturer's warranty normally only covers the replacement of the faulty LED lighting device but NOT the costs associated with initially removing the faulty LED lamp, shipping to the manufacturer/distributor and the refitting of the replacement or the cost of any specialised access equipment required which can be significant.

Expert Energy's 5 Year On-Site Replacement Warranty

ALL Expert Energy Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades come with a 5 Year On-Site Replacement Warranty - if it stops we source a replacement unit and install it at your premises - NO CHARGE and NO ARGUMENTS!


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