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LED Quality - Are all LED Lights the same?

Regrettably LED lights are not all created equal and they vary immensely in construction quality, actual usable lifetime, light output both initially and over time and very importantly failure rate. LED lights are semiconductor devices just like you TV or PC with heat being a major factor in lifetime and reliability.

Unfortunately there are no current Australian standards to measure LED 'quality' which makes it very difficult for a consumer to know if they are buying a good quality product.

Expert Energy only recommends LED lights that have passed Australian Safety Standards (SAA), have published verifiable technical specifications and where possible are accredited under either the NSW Energy Saver Scheme (ESS) or the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) which requires LED lights to meet prerequisite standards for accreditation.

The payback period increases with initial cost of the LED Lights and the higher the cost the longer the payback period BUT this is normally offset by the longer lifetime experienced through the more expensive but higher quality LED lights.


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